All children are
equally important

Support disadvantaged children with 1% of your tax so that they can break out of the cycle of extreme poverty.

Our tax number: 18557882-1-09
1% of your tax would contribute to a way out of poverty and give hope to children and families who want a better life for themselves and their community.

How can you donate?

  • If the Hungarian Tax Authority (NAV) prepares your tax return, you will need to fill out the so-called 17EGYSZA form with your own data and the Real Pearl Foundation’s tax number: 18557882-1-09.
  • If you have a customer terminal (Ügyfélkapu), you must send it electronically to NAV via this.
  • If you do not have a customer terminal, you will need to post the filled-out form to the NAV’s local board.
  • If you or your accountant prepares the tax return, you will need to submit the 1% offer page as part of the return.
We started our foundation with the aim of creating equal opportunities for all children. Every year, we help more than 1200 families in their efforts to break out of extreme poverty; we work together to prevent the next generation from facing the same problems. We believe in long-term solutions and measurable results. The 1% of your tax is important, valuable, and helpful. Thank you for being there for us!