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Our Story

As a new first-time educator, Nóra L. Ritók, the founder of the Real Pearl Foundation, had to face the fact that the knowledge she obtained at university would not be sufficient in a class where the majority of the children were disadvantaged, handicapped, or as the would society see: problematic.

A less motivated teacher would have raised her voice to gain the attention of the group of troublesome children who were generally rejected and neglected by their teachers, peers and school administrators. At that point in their education other teachers would have found it difficult to intervene or motivate students. However, Nóra began exploring her other passion: she sat down to draw. Since it was an obvious choice she started to draw the children. They were first examining the final works with surprise then they complimented the artwork and finally felt the motivation that they had been lacking.

The common work began…

“We plan for the long term. We are now in the 1th year of our 20 years plan.”

The model of the Real Pearl Foundation to create opportunities

The Real Pearl Foundation developed a complex model for creating opportunities that help give a vision about the future, integrate the families who are on the margins of society living in slums. The nature of the solution is the creation of a plan based on mapping the overarching problems. Following the theory “Everything is connected to everything else”, we work with educational tools emphasizing every element of community development.


The opportunity creating work of the Real Pearl Foundation is acknowledged by several individuals in several different ways.

Awards Received By Our Foundation


Our Foundation received the “NGO of the Year” award from the council of Hajdú-Bihar County.


The SozialMarie award in international social innovation main prize was given to the “biobrikett” (biobriquette) program of the Real Pearl Foundation.


The Real Pearl Foundation won an award with its “biobrikett” (biobriquette) program in the international social innovation competition for NGOs organized by the ERSTE Foundation.


Our Foundation received the György Várhegyi award.


Our foundation was awarded the special award of the MagyarBrand for Children.

Igazgyöngy Gyermekdíj

Azokat a tanítványainkat, akik a legsikeresebbek voltak a tanév során Igazgyöngy Gyermekdíjjal jutalmazzuk:

2003-2004: Lingvay Csenger
2004-2005: Mező Károly, Ertsey Rebeka, Kindle Andrea
2005-2006: Szabó Máté, Mező Károly, Nagy Zorán, Mező Liliána
2006-2007: Szentmiklósi Ágnes, Pálfi Viktória
2007-2008: Cserkuti Petra Ramóna
2008-2009: Imre Beáta
2009-2010: Lisztes Veronika
2010-2011: Ványi Zulejka
2011-2012: Ötvös István
2012-2013: Pintye Dóra
2013-2014: Kecskeméti Beatrix

Our Directors And Employees

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