The Real Pearl Primary Art School

Our art school has been operating since 2000 in six places (Berettyóújfalu, Komádi, Magyarhomorog, Körösszakál, Körösszegapáti, Biharkeresztes).

We have 550-600 students per school year, of which the majority (about 70%) are underprivileged. Within this group there is a large proportion of highly disadvantaged, mainly Roma students (300 people).

We travel in the afternoon to the settlement where our students live and teach fine and applied arts. Our faculties include: graphics-painting, ceramics and sculpture, environment and handicraft, metal and enameling.

Children in the Real Pearl Primary Art School
Children showing their drawings happily
Children drawing attentively
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The methodology of our school is currently based on a threefold focused visual education. It is a child-centered visual education with compensation for underprivileged circumstances and development of social competencies. In every class all three focus points are accomplished in all exercises. Apart from the good atmosphere and enthusiasm during the classes the success of the method is validated by national and international results of the drawing competitions: Real Pearl children win more than 500 awards yearly.

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Be Our Patron!

Beside our educational work we have a successful scholarship program. In 2012 we started a program we called “Adoption”. Later on we added the Dragan-grant and other allowances (birthday gifts, monthly bus pass, crisis management, higher education scholarship etc.) to this list so from 2018 we call these forms of support our Patron Program. With this we give short and long term possibilities for the patrons of the Real Pearl Basic Art School to help because we believe that every child deserves a happy childhood.

Patron Program


Scholarship grantee children of the Real Pearl PAS in the Dragan Valley


Specializations Of Fine And Applied Arts

  • Visual basic practices
  • Visual creative exercises
  • Basis of graphics and painting
  • Graphics and painting practices
  • Sculpture and ceramics practices
  • Environment and handicraft practices
  • Metal and enamelling practices

Study Groups

Our foundation organizes playful visual activities for children in kindergarten, in Berettyóújfalu and in Biharkeresztes. The children older than 5 years old can get acquainted with different trace leaving tools and because of this they will have better fine motor skills and ability for visual expression by the time they go to school. The practices on one hand help students in the beginning of their school careers and on the other hand prepare the children to integrate to the school-system kind of art education.