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Welcome to the Real Pearl Foundation’s contact page where you will find all the information you need to reach us.

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    Real Pearl Foundation

    Address: 4100 Berettyóújfalu, Sinka u. 7.
    Phone/fax: +36 54 789-010
    Tax registration number: HU18557882

    Bank Accounts

    The Foundation maintains two bank account. We accept donations to both, we let our kind donors to choose. We recommend however the OTP bank account if the question arises.

    1. OTP BANK account:
      IBAN: HU63 1173 8046 2004 8343 0000 0000
    2. Tiszántúli Takarék Takarékszövetkezet account:
      IBAN: HU30 6060 0242 1111 3034 0000 0000
    3. PayPal:

    Igazgyöngy Alapítvány


    Toldi Tanoda

    Körösszegapáti iskola

    Email Addresses

    If you would like to help, fundraise or donate:
    The Art School:
    Community development, employment creation, social enterprise:
    The After School Activities Program (‘Tanoda’):
    Webshop, custom orders:
    For members of the press:

    Our Co-workers

    If you are looking for the contact details of a particular co-worker, please visit:

    CO-WORKERS  nyíl

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