The Work of Real Pearl Foundation During The Pandemic

  1. Aid to needy families with crisis packages (preservable foods, hygenics, cleaning and desinfectant items, female hygenics items, face masks), 15 locations.
  2. Aid to children (diapers, formula and children’s medication, also limited number of clothing/shoes).
  3. Financial support (subsidy), in village of Told, with incentive of connecting children in distant learning.
  4. Financial aid to families whose relative stability was shaken by the pandemic.
  5. Continuation of Igazgyöngy Elementary Art School’s education via e-learning.
  6. Learning support: digital equipment and internet access, paper-based exercises, foundation school, contact with elementary and middle schools, incentive impact systems, marking equipment and paper for exercises, assistance in use of learning platforms and in understanding assignments.
  7. Ongoing scholarship program, specific tracking children on scholarship.
  8. Creative workshops for children’s homes inmates, with psychological care for some of them. (Komádi)
  9. Moving spaces of development into online space: coordination of arts education in Messenger groups,foundation school, baby-mother club, Young mothers’ club, prep-school for kindergarten children, Tale telling club for age 4-5.
  10. Cooperation in crisis management with local governments, health visitors’ network, Family Services, children’s welfare services. (We also assist them with face masks and antiseptic for safe working environment.)
  11. Assistance with handling official business.
  12. Education on Facebook to minimize pandemic risk – interpreting and clarifying news and information.
  13. Creating and operating communication channels for constant availability.
  14. Operating social enterprise under aggravated rules, both in handicrafts and in agriculture.
  15. Continuation of tenders where possible, otherwise requesting extension of deadlines.
  16. Continuation of Igazgyöngy Academy.
  17. Continuation of the “300 Villages” program in Told, in cooperation with the local government.
  18. Fundraising to provide finances of operations.
  19. Operating an administrative back office for legal and transparent functioning.
  20. Ongoing organizational development. On one hand knowledge expansion in the use of digital platforms, on the other development of organizational culture in the online space.
  21. Learning home-office work, written gathering of experiences for more effective working after the pandemic.
  22. Cooperation in networks. Knowledge sharing, experience exchange, networking.
  23. Credible public information in social and other media about our work.
Due to the pandemic our crisis management and learning assistance expenses have grown exponentially. We are grateful for any assistance which makes it possible for us to continue our work, even under these new circumstances. Our bank account number: Igazgyöngy Alapítvány, HU63 1173 8046 2004 8343 0000 0000