Ethical Charity Collection

Transparency is especially important for the Real Pearl Foundation. For this reason it joined the Self Governing Body of Fundraising Organizations in 2015 and functions under the rules and ethical codex of mentioned organization.

Because of this, the Foundation shares the following information about its operation and management:

Contact Information

Real Pearl Foundation
Address: 4100 Berettyóújfalu Sinka utca 7.

Phone/fax: +36 54 789-010

Management Information

Official audits of the Real Pearl Foundation are carried out by Mrs Sándor Gyarmati.
Address: Tavasz krt. 12/a, 4100 Berettyóújfalu, Hungary

The management of the Foundation is controlled by a supervisory board.
Members: Tünde Fülöp, Mrs Imre Török, Mrs Attila Juhász

The date and invitation card of our next board meeting:

The basic documents related to the management and operation of the Foundation can be found under Documents Archive: