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Whether during a family’s financial crisis, the maintenance of our After School Activities Programme, or the material costs of our Art Programme – your monetary donations help us to support more than 1200 families a year to find their way out of generational poverty.

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Information for private individuals

We are very proud that 51% of the foundation’s budget is made up of the monetary donations we receive from private individuals and companies. This is what helps us to finance our crisis management, After School Activities Programme, community development, and scholarship programme. Donations also help us cover our operating expenses, transportation costs, and other services and this is what we use for job creation ensuring continuous employment. It covers the costs of our five activities of public utility. The Real Pearl could not exist without you, we would not have the opportunity to provide a way out of the misery of inherited generational poverty.

Thank you!

Information for companies

The support of your company is important to the Real Pearl not only for funding but also for cooperation, learning, and positive reinforcement. It sends a very positive message that organizations operating on market principles also regard the work of our foundation as valuable and we will handle this relationship and this trust with special attention in the future. Our equal opportunity strategy is a long term and trust-based strategy – reflected in our corporate co-operations as well. We send updates on all donations and our corporate partners get a dedicated space on our website. Thank you for being with us.