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      Information For Individuals
      1. Second-hand Clothes
      Most people associate donations of goods with second-hand clothes. Since the primary beneficiaries of the foundation’s work are children, we are always happy to receive clothes and shoes in good condition for children aged from 0 to 14. We are also happy to receive adult clothes, but before offering such donations, please always check with us first via e-mail or telephone – as in past years the second hand shops and cheap Chinese shops reshaped the market and created a surplus of clothes. Many people find it the most obvious solution to donate unsaleable or tatty clothes in bad condition to charities. We greatly appreciate bed linen, towels, and blankets. We thank you in advance if you think of us when it comes to your donations.

      2. Non-perishable Food
      This is a massive help, especially during a sudden financial crisis. With these donations we can support families with pre-prepared grocery packages. Our greatest needs are oil, flour, sugar, rice, different types of pastas and canned food within their expiration date.

      3. Medications, Children’s Medications
      We often encounter situations that require immediate medical intervention. Collecting medications, such as painkillers, fever reducers, cold and flu medicine, etc., especially medications for children are an important element of our job and medications are amongst the most vital donated goods.

      4. Second-hand Glasses Frames
      We are in constant need of adult’s and children’s glasses frames.

      5. Infant Essentials
      Nappies, baby wipes, cots, prams, baby bathes, playpens, baby bottles, baby formula milk, baby food etc. We can accept these donations anytime in any quantities.

      6. Cleaning and Hygiene Products
      This is another area of donations that is not clear. It is shocking to many people when we tell them about certain phenomena e.g. menstruation is a serious issue in families that can’t afford pads or tampons. There is also a continuous need for cleaning and hygiene products. Among the products that are most needed, soap, deodorant, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc. Other urgent donations we request are for sanitary napkins and tampons and other products for menstruation. For many families, these essential products are considered a luxury and are incredibly expensive. We are extremely grateful to anyone who is able to donate such items.

      7. Second-Hand Toys
      We always accept new and second hand toys.

      8. Second-Hand Furniture
      Second-hand furniture, especially chairs, beds, cupboards and tables are in high demand. However, the transportation is always difficult—its costs can exceed the value of the furniture if it needs to be transported from far away. Therefore the biggest help is if someone can also organise transportation to Berettyoujfalu.

      9. Second-hand Household Appliances
      What we need the most is fridges, freezers, gas ovens and hobs, washing machines, tumble dryers, televisions, and microwave ovens. In the underprivileged and segregated areas where we work, there are many houses without running water; therefore automatic washing machines can rarely be used. Most houses have card meters, therefore the machines that consume a lot of energy such as electric heaters, grills etc. count as luxury products. Please note that we do not have the resources to repair broken or old machines in disrepair, so please keep this in mind if you are considering donating any of these goods.

      10. Second-hand Computers
      We don’t accept faulty computers/tablets and/or computers/tablets with old screens. Distance education plays an important role in the foundation’s After School Activity Programme, so a functioning computer or a laptop in good condition is a major help to the foundation.

      11. Second-hand Books, Textbooks, Videotapes, DVDs, Vinyl, Cassettes, Cassette Recorders
      We can accept children’s books as per prearranged agreement. We do not accept videotapes, DVDs, vinyl, cassettes not even with cassette recorders.

      12. School Equipment, Schoolbags, Pencil Cases, Other Equipment
      These are exceptionally important donations, both new and second-hand, especially at the beginning of the school year.

      13. Second-hand Bicycles
      Bikes are valuable donations whether they are for adults or for children. We are also happy to accept donations of bicycles that are in need of some repairs.

      14. Second-hand Kitchen Equipment, Bowls, Plates, Cutlery
      We only accept bowls, plates, cutlery, and other kitchen utensils that are useable and are in good condition.

      15. Fabric Remnants, Remnants of Silk Thread And Sewing Thread, Collection and Transport of Craft Materials
      Donated goods contribute to the equal opportunity creating work of the Real Pearl. If you want to help with any of the listed objects, or if you are thinking of another form of contribution, we would love to coordinate with you via e-mail or telephone: +36 30 582-3740

      Information For Companies

      You have the possibility to support the work of the Real Pearl even as a company. In many cases, our company partners can support us with spare, unwanted computers still in perfect (or good?) condition, other times they can support our art education programmes with creative materials or they organise the transportation of donations for us. Any type of donation that is shown on the list displayed in the private individual donations section can be useful, but as a company you might have better quality or more of those items. We believe in communication and collaborative solutions, so if you don’t know how you could help us, or you have a new idea that you can’t find on our list, please feel free to contact us.

      Thank you in advance for supporting the cause that we are working for and we appreciate that you or your team would like to bring a positive change to the world.