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The Real Pearl Foundation has been working since 1999 for equal opportunities and social integration for the poor. We strive for the abolishment of child poverty and the endless cycle of extreme poverty for the next generation, with the help of the current generation. Our foundation works within the ten poorest regions of Europe, in Hungary’s Northern Great Plain region. Our center is located in Berettyóújfalu, just 260 kilometers from Budapest.

Real Pearl children showing their drawings happily
Bed and room in Told, Hungary
Paintwork of the Real Pearl HQ in Told
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“The biggest sin of poverty is that it takes away the ability from children to desire and hope.”
2016. November 10.

Békéscsabai képzés

A Békés Megyei Család, Esélyteremtési és Önkéntes Ház szervezésében lebonyolított képzést, ahol a medgyesegyházi érdeklődőknek adhatott ízelítőt Török Zita kolléganőnk...
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2016. October 28.


Az Igazgyöngy hagyományos rendezvénye a Tehén Napja. Épp 10 éve annak, hogy volt egy olyan akció Magyarországon is egy ideig,...
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2015. January 07.

Szuno – fontos információk

2015. januárjától a Szuno a Berettyóújfalui Igazgyöngy Nonprofit Kft. irányítása alatt folytatja működését.  Fontos, hogy vásárláskor, utaláskor a változásokat vegyék figyelembe....
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The strategy of the Real Pearl Foundation

The change starts with you

How can you help?

Many individuals would like to help but don’t know how. They think that the only way to help is to visit the poorest communities or donate money or goods. In many cases, those that want to help feel overwhelmed and believe they are unable to due to great distances, a lack of sufficient time or money, or feel that their contributions would not make a difference in the lives of those in need. At the Real Pearl, we believe that everyone has the ability to make a significant difference in eradicating extreme poverty. Any contribution, no matter how small, supports our mission, and helps give our children and their families a better and more hopeful future.

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Online Academy

We established the online academy to be able to share our methods and successes with you. We think that there is a great necessity for comprehensive methods in the field of social work. Our courses are mainly aimed for people who would like to bring about positive changes and would like to get some support, experience, and reference.