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The Real Pearl’s philosophy has always been closely linked to knowledge-sharing and on practices which were already successful. In the past few years we tried to spread the word in several forums, meetings and domestic and international conferences regarding our strategy and inclusive model. We received much support and cooperation, and we would like to foster more cooperation. However, many of the websites and sources that we used in the past have crashed and resources have since been deleted. In order to ensure that everyone has access to these resources we have housed them under our domain.

With our Learn With Us page we would like to gather all of the books, publications or any reference documents, and the lectures of our newly announced and established Online Academy so the teachers, social workers, non-governmental organisations or any other party who is interested, can find them and use them in their daily work. We hope that you find these sources helpful and we thank you for your support.

Online Academy

We started our Online Academy to share our methods and the successes with you. We think that it is crucial to use inclusive and broad aspects and methods within the field of social work.

We recommend our online courses for those who would like to achieve positive changes in their community and those who are looking for help, feedback, and support.

Competence development with visual education 1. (HU)

This course is based on the method of Real Pearl, and it includes tasks which can be individualized. The techniques are quite attractive, and the participants can easily achieve success with the available practices.

Competence development with visual education 2. (HU)

By continuing the first part of the course, we will use new visual methods to achieve significant effects, to go on with the competence development, and to compensate individuals from underprivileged circumstances.

Competence development with visual education 3. (HU)

The third part of our course focuses on composition and continues the previously started development.

Development of the social roundtable (HU)

The course is based on our experience with community development, and it helps the participants to be able to create a problem map, to plan institutional cooperation, to develop a strategy, and to find possible cooperation within the community.


Almost 20 years ago we started our opportunity-creating work. In the last 2 decades we had time to write books, publications and articles regarding the field of threefold-focused visual education, community development and fundraising.

As you probably already saw, we collected our blog posts in an individual page but we are constantly expanding the list of the available books, articles and other publications.

Nóra L. Ritók: Invisible Hungary

Publisher: Tea Publishing
Volume: 320 pages


L. Ritók Nóra: Alkotni jó! 1.

L. Ritók Nóra: Alkotni jó! 1.

Kiadó: Pedellus
Terjedelem: 76 oldal

ADATOK  nyíl

L. Ritók Nóra: Alkotni jó! 2.

L. Ritók Nóra: Alkotni jó! 1.

Kiadó: Pedellus
Terjedelem: 76 oldal

ADATOK  nyíl

L. Ritók Nóra: Alkotni jó! 3.

L. Ritók Nóra: Alkotni jó! 1.

Kiadó: Pedellus
Terjedelem: 92 oldal

ADATOK  nyíl

L. Ritók Nóra: Alkotni jó! 4.

L. Ritók Nóra: Alkotni jó! 1.

Kiadó: Pedellus
Terjedelem: 84 oldal


L. Ritók Nóra: Rajzolni jó!

Kiadó: Educatio
Terjedelem: 320 oldal

Alkossunk együtt - az integráció élménye

Kiadó: Élménylelő Ifjúsági Egyesület
Terjedelem: 36 oldal


L. Ritók Nóra: Kompetenciafejlesztés  a művészetek eszközeivel

L. Ritók Nóra: Kompetencia-fejlesztés a művészetek eszközeivel

Kiadó: Prolog Kiadó
Terjedelem: 136 oldal

Szociális iskola kiadvány

Projekt-kiadvány, PDF
Terjedelem: 36 oldal


„Képesnek lenni” módszertani leírás

Projekt-kiadvány, PDF
Terjedelem: 103 oldal


L. Ritók Nóra: Nézzünk körül együtt!

Kiadó: SuliNova
Terjedelem: 186 oldal


Publications, Essays

L. Ritók Nóra: Sikersztori? (HVG.hu, 2017. október 16.)

Bodoczky & Ritok: The positive infuence of art activities on poor communities (ETA 8.3 Visual Essay)

John Oates & Nóra L. Ritók: The role of art education in children’s development in Young Children’s Play and Creativity (Routledge, London, 2018)

Nők a szegregátumokban, L. Ritók Nóra írása (agostonlaszlo.hu/blog, 2017. május 5.)

Szegregáltan integrálni? (HVG.hu, 2017. április 19)

Trainings and workshops

Luckily we are experiencing a constant development and growth in the number of invitations to workshops and trainings where we can present our model and strategy. We gather those events here so you can check the next date when you can meet with one of our colleagues and learn more about our work.