Our Work

We carry out our opportunity-creating work on the child, family and community level.

Art School

Our art school has been in operation since 2000 in six locations with 550-600 students yearly, the majority of whom are disadvantaged and extremely disadvantaged.

smiling girlChildren drawing attentivelyArt is happiness


Tanoda of Told

The “Tanoda” is a community platform based on local characteristics with an independent infrastructure for children neglected by the educational system and for adults living in the margins of society.

tanoda foglalkozásnémet óra a tanodábangyöngyfűzés a tanodában

Community Development

It is not possible to support children coming from extreme poverty without also supporting their families and communities. However, every member of the community has influence on it thus the only way to achieve change is to involve everyone.

Community Development - Tea Club at Told
Community Development - Morzsóka Club
Community Development - Morzsóka Club


Job Creation And Social Entrepreneurship

We interpret our job creation strategy as social entrepreneurship and the product is a person capable to work. We have two goals: to create sustainable jobs and provide advancement opportunities for those with jobs.


Institutional Cooperation

We have gone a long way in achieving a firm collaboration with local institutions. The problems of families living in poverty are complex so change can only be achieved by coordinated work where each improvement helps to improve the other aspects of a family’s life.


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