Institutional Cooperation

Our foundation considers generating local cooperation a high level goal. Local institutions usually lack the means to handle poverty, their officers burn out in the problems on many occasions. There are no ways for prevention, to harmonize the protocols. The administration tasks are overwhelming, overwork is common, there is lack of qualified officers and high turnover.

Moreover the facilities of non-profits are diffferent than of institutions. We can build on social influence. Our work is more described as mediation mainly between roma families and institutions but often between branches of the institutional system.

In the beginning there was antagonism but today we meet mainly with interoperability. It is important that we concluded countless successful cooperations with the institutional system and it is essential for our work—we could not succeed without it in the segregates. Of course the level of cooperation is differing from settlement to settlement. In most places they understand now the helping intention and there are several settlements where we work in close partnership.

Visitors from Alba Iulia, Romania
TanodaPlatform training in Pécs, Hungary